Topical Pattern A.The pressure is mounting the pain is unbearable Essay Help

A.The pressure is mounting the pain is unbearable thoughts are racing through your head you just can?t go on any longer and then the erry sound of silence. B.Suicide has been defined as any death that is the direct or indirect result of a positive or negative act accomplished by the victim knowing or believing the act will produce this result? [Maris 1991]. Teen suicide is a growing health concern in the US as it is the third leading cause of death among young people. C.Teenagers die every day in the United States not just fromTopical Pattern illnesses or accidents but by their own hands. Here in Alexandria Louisiana my daughter?s classmate just committed suicide a few days ago. D.In order to better understand teen suicide it is important to explore the causes of teen suicide what are the symptoms and/or signs and what can be done to prevent teen suicide. E.To start with examining some of the causes and the signs and/or symptoms and determine what can be done to prevent teen suicide.”

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