Tourism in South Korea

Tourism in South KoreaOrder Description1. Introduction, Client, What?s the issue in this country (1-2 pages)2. Statement of issue ? tourism issues (for example: visa, crime etc) (1-2)3. Background ? portrayal of country, tourism sites4. Perspectives (1 per each)-Anthropological-Geopological These are example. At least 2-4 perspectives-political5. Information about country tourism (infrastructure, market etc..) (1-2)6. Discuss (check for the help you need)ion (2 pages)Policy Options (For example A: blahblah B: blahblah C: blahblah)- initial choices7. Recommendations (7 pages)time frame, implement, why choose this policy option, how monitor something like this8. Conclusion (rest of it)Instructions for EssayThis paper has tree partsPart IBased upon a reading of Viktor Frankl?s Mans Search for meaning Discuss (check for the help you need) what he describes as the state of meaninglessness, what are the key elements of this experience. What other experiences can lead t this state besides the death camps? You can bring in the perspectives given in some of the readings.Part IIHow does Logotherapy deal with this existential loss of meaning? Describe the method(s) by which meaning can be reestablished (i.e. the ?bottom up approach of finding a goal to live for) ? What is the role of the therapist in this process?You can make comparisons if you decide to with the relationship between Morrie and Micth in Tuesday with Morrie.Part IIIWhat benefits can you envision from reading this book that might apply to ?ordinaty situations? that we might face in our day to day lives when questions of meaning come forth?Note:You can also Discuss (check for the help you need) the issue of over diagnosis of mental illness as it is Discuss (check for the help you need)ed by Dr.Alan Francis.Please check on the web sites about Frankl?s work including videos of him (i.e. Rollo May)

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