Traditional Family In A Post Modern Society

a post modern society such as are traditional family and marriage This essay will explore whether traditional family and marriage are necessary in Britain The change of societal views and attitudes will need to be as well as analysing statistical The ideology of the family and marriage will then be discussed and in relation to various theoretical perspectives such as functionalism and post Government views and policies will also be reviewed in order to show how family has evolved for various family Before discussing if there is a necessity for traditional family and marriage in Britain it only seems logical to first understand what is meant by the term traditional A traditional family or nuclear as it is sometimes referred to consists of a heterosexual monogamous couple that are legally bound through marriage and their dependent Muncie et There is usually a clear division of labour where the male predominantly plays the instrumental role of the breadwinner and the female predominantly plays her expressive role as the homemaker and care Bernardes This is based on the theory of Functionalism has dominated theories until the mid 20th They seem to place importance on the division of as they believe that this

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