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During these holidays we have in the spring spring break I made a road trip with my friends through several cities and states of the U.S. coast. That fact has given me to compare many aspects between towns and cities here against the cities in Europe. There are many aspects that differentiate us Europeans with Americans and there are also great differences between our cities infrastructure decor shapes of buildings and many other aspects. But one of the great things that has struck me is how little suffering American cities with traffic problems. The width of theTraffic in the cities streets the number of lanes that have their roads and some other aspects favor which usually are huge problems in Europe for its citizens politicians and visitors. Old countries us the European have to face with this problems because their cities are old and the structure is not prepare for face with this problems also park and many of the activities related to the car are a problem which large cities cannot absorb this volume of cars traffic congestion which is getting more serious every day. The reasons for increasing traffic jam of this problem in the cities are many vehicles for a poor distribution of the space and inadequate infrastructure and also many families have same or more than one vehicle per member. Every day most people take their car or their motorcycle to go to their jobs or shopping and for every activity. Some scientists have calculated that throughout our lives we spend an average of four years in a car. This estimate includes both normal activity and sitting in traffic jams. Actually traffic jams are also becoming a problem for governors mayors and councilors in the cities. Also some of the problems of this phenomenon are more complicated circulate into the cities and cause stress in the citizens and retard the circulation Those problems are the beginning of bigger problems as insufficient capacity the annual increase in traffic made the road network cannot cope with the demand. For many people is easier buy a private vehicles than use the public transport system because the public transport is insufficient or is geographic unusable and also the high price of this system. Affecting the increase of the traffic and the impossibility of has more public transportation as bus which cannot be effective because the capacity management where the traffic controls systems is ill-timed out of order or badly placed. In addition those congestion problems involve many other losses like people?s health business and industry and environment are directly affected with the depreciation of their prices. Also is involved the people jobs because is make people more stressfully and lost of time and opportunities at the delays and increase in accident rate and pollution. Being involved the economic and productivity impacts. And that it is another problem the pollution cause by the automobiles stuck in a traffic jam. But which are some of the root in the traffic congestion problem. The inadequate infrastructure cannot handle the issue of traffic is also a crucial reason. The public transport such as bus underground or train is not available and its quality is very deficient especially in the developing countries. Besides the highway and road network is incapable of meeting the requirement of increasing number of vehicle. How can it fix the problem? For finish with these difficulties the government should understand that public transport need grow up and be more modern convenient and usable and for this is necessary to make an investment in the traffic facilities. This problem is most common at the main entrances of the cities in which many people move in or out of their jobs and cities with large numbers of visitors. In my point of view the government can implant some measures for control this overhead of trafic like encourage the people to use public transport use vehicles with small size or less consume of gas and taxed private vehicles in the urban streets. the government should encourage people to use public transport or vehicles smaller in size in order to prevent the roads from becoming packed too quickly. Likewise owners of private vehicles should also be taxed. But when traffic congestions happen we must be patient because that affect to our lifestyle and the to our health status. Modernity and good structures favor the cities in America that citizens and visitors can find convenience to use their vehicles and move. This favors the comfort of those dwellings in the cities and those who visit them.”

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