Tutoring Lesson Plan;

Tutoring Lesson Plan;EDSL 311 Winter 2015 Pedagogical GrammarF1nal ASSIgnment: Report on TutorlngYour Report on Tutoring is due between April 17 and April 27 (please contact the instructor individually to settle onyour exact due date and time). You will upload it to MyCourses as a single Word (not PDF) file. It may ofcourse besubmitted earlier. In total it is worth 25% ofyourfinal gradefor the course. Please read through all the instructionsbelow before making a decision about whom you will tutor. NOTE: this is an INDIVIDUAL assignment.You may choose to carry out the tutoring in a language that is not English. Whateverlanguage you tutor in, you must think about the learner?s GRAMMAR needs.The tutoring assignment is made up of the following stages.Decision about whom you will tutor. Ideally this will be based on a pre-existingrelationship with a friend, family member or colleague of any age from three to a hundredand three, who would benefit from some free second language tutoring (and is willing to letYOU do it!). The person could even be your tutee already*. Some of you are alreadyteaching or tutoring. If possible, meetings should be in person, rather than by Skype or othervirtual means; however, if in-person meetings are not possible, virtual meetings will beallowed. You must be able to meet with your tutee at least twice for approximately one houreach time, between now and late April.If you normally tutor this person for money, you must do extra UNPAID work with them for thepurposes of this assignment. McGill does not normally allow you to charge for required coursework.When you have decided whom you will tutor, you will upload a Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion post before4pm on April 13th (last class meeting) in which you explain your decision. (250-300 words)Why this person and not another? You need not mention names. In fact, if the tutee is underage, you must not mention names.1) Preliminary session with tutee(s): ?Needs assessment?.After an initial meeting with your tutee, in point form, write a needs assessment in which yououtline the stage of language learning this person is at, with particular attention to their L2grammar (two pages maximum ? use bullet points). What do you think their most pressinglanguage learning needs are? Specify whether you will focus on spoken or writtenlanguage. What do they think about their needs, if they are old enough to be able to reflecton them? This is the first part of your report.2) Tutoring session(s) proper: You must meet with your tutee for at least one hour, over oneor two sessions (younger tutees will benefit more from two short sessions than one longsession). If you wish to meet for longer than an hour, or for more sessions, you areencouraged to.a) Lesson plan(s). Before each tutoring session, you must make up a lesson plan, using atemplate of your choice or one you devise yourself (it need not be elaborate or refer toMELS or other top-down guidelines; just show me that you had a structure in mind whenyou went into the lesson). Each lesson plan should be one to two pages long. All the lessoncreate will then go into your report; they make up the second part of the report.

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