Two Films that Have Potential to Transform One?s Sensibilities Pertaining to Deep Differences

Two Films that Have Potential to Transform One?s Sensibilities Pertaining to Deep DifferencesMy RecommendationI have chosen film, cinema, in my work in orderto theorize difficult questions regarding democracy and difference. There are, however, many points of caution in choosing to use film. Films often can reinforce and affirm stereotyped and demeaning images of others; that is, film is as effective a tool for installing as it is for challenging and overcoming oppression. However, as Iwrite in Chapter One, the fictionalized realism offilm can allow for a sharing ofthe different experiences that individuals live through and can serve as a helpful tool to uncoverthe raw materials that make up our various social or cultural identities. In other words, and more specifically, film and film criticism facilitate the search for a location from which to envision a democratic politics in ways that are respectful of difference and that quite possibly can contribute to the transformation of one?s sensibilities by providing an opportunity to theorize and imagine a new or emerging politics from a position of eyewitnessIdentify two films not presented in class that you believe have the potential to transform one?s political sensibilities pertaining to deep differences. In addition to your recommendations, be sure to give a full citation and a short abstractfor each of the two films you suggest. To add a new post, click the ?My Recommendation link below Home Account Internal Messages Print Help Logout:

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