type two diabetes

type two diabetesPaper instructionsUnderstanding and Using the Levine Nursing Theory in PracticeInstructions:1. Choose a clinical problem from the list below and choose an identity for the person experiencing the problem?male or female, pediatric, middle-aged, or geriatric. Post a paragraph that describes the person and how the problem is affecting them.Clinical problems? Type II Diabetes? Congestive heart failure? Multiple sclerosis? Infertility? Chronic leukemia? Asthma2. Use the theoretical perspectives described in Levine?s Model. From each perspective, identify 3 questions and/ or issues related to the clinical problem. Basically, you will describe the person?s problem using Levine?s Model, then develop questions/ issues related to the client or nursing care of the client. Post your lists of questions/issues.3. After you have identified questions and issues using the Levine Model of nursing care, discuss in a paragraph how easy or difficult it was to assume the different theoretical stances.4. Identify whether Levine?s theoretical perspective, fit you the best. Did the exercise give you a broader view of the clinical problem and its ramifications for the individual and for their care? Does it make theory more real and accessible for use in practice? In summary, your posting will have 3 parts:? a paragraph describing a hypothetical person experiencing the clinical problem you selected from the list and telling how the problem is affecting that person.? your lists of 3 questions/problems for the client or nursing care based on the use of the Levine Model.My selected copy is type 11 Diabetes!

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