Types of Valuable Nonverbal Communication

When people hear the word they immediately think of communication is more than just according to The American Heritage Medical communication is exchange of or as by or This means that communication can include the way that a person This is called nonverbal Nonverbal communication is the communication form when messages are expressed by nonlinguistic means not just simply attitudes or body reactions there are many types of nonverbal communication and ways of expressing Some examples of the types of nonverbal communication are facial and which are all affected by which makes nonverbal communication so There are multifarious types of nonverbal One type is in regards to the face and the They may be the most noticeable features on a but they also may be the hardest to decipher in regards to nonverbal According to researchers have found that there are at least 640 possible face expressions to make since there are a minimum of 8 eye brows and forehead 8 eye and lid and 10 lower face positions With face others can usually tell their the expression can also be For flight attendants are obligated to smile throughout their whether or not a passenger is annoying Another component of

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