Underage drinking is a major problem for many of

Underage drinking is a major problem for many of todays youth. It can lead to teenage alcoholism and even death. It is not singled out to one race, age, or region. It can be found among the wealthiest doctors, lawyers, and businessmens children, and yet the poor factory workers child becomes that teenage alcoholic too. Some of the major causes of underage drinking are availability, peer pressure, and parents. Ever stop and wonder how easy it is for a minor to purchase alcohol? There are many different ways. One can ask an older sibling or friend to buy it for them. Many older guys have no problem at all buying alcohol for their underage girlfriends. Another way is a fake I.D. A fake I.D. is becoming increasingly easier to obtain. There are many different internet sites deticated to doing just that. Another simpler way is just by obtaining a friends I.D. that is a likeness of yourself. Most clerks do not even look at the picture, just the age. And then of course there are the clerks who just do not care as long as you have money to spend. Although that is becoming more and more unheard of since ABC started investigating more of these circumstances. It only takes that one store to get away with it though, for that one child to be dead. Peer pressure is associated with many of young peoples problems. Peer pressure can be found in all different social cliques. Underage drinking is where it is mainly dominant though. It can be very hard to say no when all of your friends are saying yes. All it takes is a few come on man, just one and everyone else is doing it, why not try some? Todays young people can be awfully cruel to someone who does not conform to their standards. Sometimes a teenager may find it easier just to go ahead and take that drink rather than be considered a social outcast. Parents have many influences over their children. A growing number of parents allow their ch…

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