unit 4 assignment 1 science and materials

Unit Science and materials in construction and the built in environment Assignment Construction materials Describe the basic factors in simple scientific terms that influences human comfort in the internal environment temperature Heat too hot too cold Too dim not enough daylight Discomfort of hearing quality Too ventilation Describe how each factor is measured temperature Celsius Acceptable level 33 C Lux Acceptable level 100 Colour rendition lx is considered acceptable for residential Db Acceptable level 65 Db quality Humidity is measured in terms of relative and is expressed in a percentage of Acceptable level comfort Relative Humidity 40 to 70 Describe acceptable values for each factor Sketch on separate paper Produce clearly accurate answers for three different calculations relating to human comfort in internal environment Answer on separate paper in the basic factors that affect human comfort Impact on design of heat gain loss bright and maintenance An older building can be upgraded if structurally viable to minimise the issues such natural light on artificial light ventilation to maintain heat or no sound design considerations There are 4 physical factors that affect the thermal comfort temperature radiant temperature movement HEAT is a form of the SI unit is Joule Joule is

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