Unit Nine Final Project Cameron

Based on current observations within group, I have requested that Cameron schedule an individual session with me. Cameron a fifteen year old male with Oppositional Defiant Disorder; which is a disorder that characterized by patterns of disobedient hostile and defiant behavior toward authority figures this disorder is more common in boys than girls within the adolescent age group. These patterns must be present for at least six months and beyond normal childhood behavior to diagnose. (U.S. National Library of Medicine, Jan) During this individual session Cameron disclosed that is parents are planning on divorcing and his has been having some issues in school. His grades have dropped since last quarter, and complaining that he has not been able to concentrate. (Kaplan University, 2011) Since other disorders have been previously ruled out by the counseling agencys Psychiatrist, I feel that Cameron is currently suffering from Adjustment Disorder. His symptoms are prescient enough to affect his daily life. Camerons current family conflicts, school problems and eventual life changes are all contributing factors to his current social withdraw, inability to concentrate and depressed mood. My therapeutic course of action will be to continue with individual sessions on regular bases and address he response to current stressors. The introduction of meta-cognation and meta-awareness to help develop coping skills, as well as stress management techniques; meta-cognition is the thought of thinking about thing and meta-awareness is the awareness of the present state of emotion and thought. I will refer Cameron to a support groups for children coping with parental separation or divorce. I will also request that Cameron parents attend a few family sessions to help reassure continued parental support to aid in the adjustment period. In the event that Camerons depressed mood continues after the utilization of coping skills and techniques the determination of a

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