United Kingdom government in 2012

United Kingdom government in 2012Speaking on behalf of the United Kingdom government in 2012, Lord Mcnally stated that defamation law not in the right place and that rebalancing was needed what are the perceived problem that led to this reform and how and to what extent does the new defaProject description Feedback:Identification of issues raised by the questionThe essay fails to identify many of the main issues raised by this question. The question has also been misinterpreted; for example the meaning of an online intermediary is quite misunderstood. The issues therefore should be clearly identified, described and explained, with the essay demonstrating an understanding of the relevance of the issues to each other.Knowledge and understanding of relevant principlesThis essay reveals a superficial knowledge and understanding of the relevant legal principles. It is generally vague with the legal principles either not stated or dealt with accurately enough. In particular, the essay fails to discuss in any depth or detail the many areas of reform contained in the Defamation Act 2013 ? only Section 1 of the Act has been considered. A much greater knowledge and understanding of this subject area is required on submission.Critical evaluation, reference to authorities and academic writingThe biography is limited and there are insufficient footnotes and referencing throughout the work. The essay should contain more extensive footnotes showing the references referred to on each page. There is also a failure to explain and identify some of the sources used in the essay and to fully accredit authorities and quotations. The essay displays a lack of critical evaluation and original thought.Application to the facts, advice, arguments and conclusionsThis essay suffers from poor expression. There are errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout the essay and some of your sentences don?t make sense. All of these need to be corrected on resubmission. Also, a lengthy section of the essay is repeated verbatim so please check your work. The essay would benefit from a balanced structure and a more detailed and insightful conclusion.:

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