Universal Education: Still a Distant Dream

beg to place the following resolution before the council for its state should accept in this country the same responsibility in regard to mass education that the government of most civilized countries are already discharging and that a well considered scheme should be drawn up and adhered to till it is carried The well being of millions upon millions of children who are waiting to be brought under the influence education depends upon The above words are the part of the resolution which Gopal Krishna Gokhale moved in Imperial Legislative Council on 18th 1910 for seeking provision of and Compulsory Primary in Irony is that one hundred years have passed but the right to education still remains a distant Gopal Krishna Gokhale in fact represents many of our freedom fighters who had dreamed of the right to education to in independent They had identified the significance of education as an integral part of their different and complex After attaining the forefathers of our constitution continued this debate on the right to education and concluded to retain it in the directive principles of state This compromise was not positively received by many of the people who wanted a more specific assurance

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