Unprofessional relationships in the Military.

While personal relationships between Military members may be a personal they become a matter of official concern when they degrade dicipline and respect for Unprofessional Relationships can exist between but as members of the Armed we have an obligation to keep our behavior within Military Individuals involved in unprofessional relationships normally should have least severe actions taken against necessary to eliminate the unprofessional aspect of the however it is up to their supervisor or The supervisor may issue a letter of counseling or reprimand within an Information demote the reassign them to another duty or in worst have them administrativly Fraternization is an unprofessional relationship between an officer and enlisted which has a higher potential to damage morale and It also compromises the standing of all officers because they are placed in a higher level of leadership and The term is used to describe the criminal offense in direct violation of Military Most people think of Fraternization in sexual there are many more ways to commit such an Any conduct that violates Military Customs against Fraternization can be proscuted under the Uniformed Code of Military If the individuals are married they may face additional So Fraternization is a criminal offense

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