Use Case” for Toy Catapult

Topic: ?1. Create a ?Use Case? for your Toy Catapult #TC. This should consist of a three columnlist of time sequenced activity statements. The columns are User, System, External Element.Start with activities the user #child# does from the first to last thing in sequential order.List each step one one line in column one. In the corresponding column two list the activitythe system shall have to do. In column three add any outside element activity required or done.2. Develop a Top Level description of the functions that have to be performed in usage. This is calleda Functional Flow Block Diagram #FFBD.# The FFBD should consist of a connected sequenced set ofindividual general activities or processes that must be performed in usage of the system. Label eachactivity, e.g., F3.0. FFBDs re Discuss (check for the help you need)ed in your text and its? Appendix.Use Cases and FFBDs are used by systems engineers to establish system requirements and a list of system parts.The process involves an interaction between requirements,, functions, and parts. Requirements begin as user needs,functions as high level system activities, and parts as major subsystems. As you complete the systems engineeringprocess these get defined in more and more detail. There is a strong connection between requirements, functions,and parts, and they are fully defined in an iterative process. You work this process at a high level in Configuration Design.For next class put your Use Case and FFBD on One Sheet and hand it in at the beginning of the class. Use same formatof Class at top left, Assignment 2 in middle, and your Name #clearly# at top left.Category: Editing

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