Use of Nonverbal Communication in Meetings

Nonverbal communication is very important when running a First and it assists in giving the speaker credibility If a speaker is looking at the and wringing their they appear If the speaker confident in the information they are no one in the meeting will feel confident about it It is of utmost importance for a speaker to believe in what they are saying or it will come out in their body Even if what they say makes sense and has practical business if their body language betrays the fact that they do not believe in others will pick up on and follow those cues In that the only thing the meeting has succeeded in doing is wasting Calling a meeting to order via nonverbal communication is If people are sitting around the speaker even have to say They only have to stand confidently and quietly or eye is an effective tool as well Eye contact with a smile People will quiet down and focus when they see the speaker acknowledge their The smile in combination with the eye contact is If the speaker simply stares everyone down in the conference room before he or she people may feel intimidated or

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