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Vertical Market Software 1.Search the Internet for a vertical market software package for your assigned industry (you should choose a specific type of entity within your industry. Your industry is Government Contracting). In answering the following questions, you may want to refer to the AICPA?s A Strategy for Finding the Right Accounting Software( You may also find the following article helpful: Vertical Value: The Lure of Niche Accounting, by Richard McCausland, Accounting Technology, September 2000; Vol. 16, Iss. 8; pg. 56-61. This article can be downloaded in ABII (Proquest) through the library on-line electronic resources collection: . REQUIRED:Provide a printout(put link under reference and underline) of the appropriate web site page of the software package you have discovered that will allow your professorand others to visit for more information.On a separate sheet of paper: a)Describe the uniqueindustry information needs addressed by the system. This is the critical portion of this assignment. Please give it some thought.b)Does the software provide customization tools?c)Since web-enabled technology and e-business have become so important, does the package provide Web integration?d)How much does it cost?e)Does it support multiple currencies?Note: You will receive no credit if you choose a general purpose accounting package that can be used across industries and entities. This would include G/L, A/P, and A/R modules. :

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