Video Essay Benjamin Franklin, a man of

Video Essay Benjamin Franklin, a man of many talents was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. He began developing his talent with words early in life by becoming an apprentice to his father (a printer). By the age of 17, Franklin went to Philadelphia to be another printers assistant as well. He decided to go back home for Christmas and stayed for about two years before he returned to Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin published the Pennsylvania Gazette at the young age of twenty-two. In the September of 1730 he wrote the Old Richard Almanac. In this almanac Franklin states God heals, the doctor takes the fee. He was a man of great wit as displayed in many of his quotes. Franklin decided to retire in 1748 after setting up a partnership in Charleston. After retiring, he decided to devote his energy to science. In 1752, Franklin and his twenty-one year old son used a kite and key to establish the laws of electricity. He accomplished this task by flying a kite with a brass key tied to it in a thunderstorm. When the lightening struck the kite, the electricity traveled down the line until it struck the key. Franklin wasnt done after giving us electricity. He went to London at age 55 to become Postmaster General. Because he was gone so long, he constantly mailed his wife letters apologizing for staying so long. During the time period between 1755 and 1775 Franklin watched America experience many things including the Stamp Act and the courting of British soldiers. On Jan. 29, 1774, his wife passed away. This caused Franklin to come back to America. Not long after he was back he was appointed to a five- man crew to draw up the Declaration of Independence. He left for France the same day the declaration was passed by Congress. Independence was declared July 2, and approved July 4, 1776. There were only two more ladies that fell in love with Franklin during the remainder of his life. The first was Madam Breon, who …

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