Violence has been around since this world bega

Violence has been around since this world began, whether being in biblical times or in the modern times. Although violence has been around a number of years, there is on place where parents trust they can send they children with worries, school. Everyday a mother wakes up, kisses her children goodbye, and sends them to school. Unfortunately, in these times that we live in parents may have a legitimate cause to worry about their childs well being. Parents often wonder if their children are getting the right education at the right school, but if uniforms are introduced to schools many parents will find their money will be helping to keep their children safe and well-educated. Whether being to improve students all-around academic environment or to prevent school violence in the classroom, school uniforms has been proven to successfully achieve these goals almost immediately. First of all, school uniforms virtually eliminate school violence in the classroom. School uniforms play a major role in decreasing potentially dangerous altercations among students. A case in point, many unsuspecting and vulnerable students unknowingly wear gang-colored or gang-affiliated clothes to school. If school uniforms were mandated this would bring and end to school students being mistaken for members of rival gangs and being shot for the sake of gang-members defending their territory. Also, at Will Rogers Elementary school, in Long Beach California, teachers are beginning to notice that students have had decreasing amounts of racial or ethnic tension between them because students now look more alike. In the 1994 school year, at Long Beach Unified school district, school officials noticed a 50% decrease in the number of students bringing weapons to school. To add, Delma Culverson, an eighth grader at the Chicago school Florence B. Price Elementary, said, wearing a uniform doesnt symbolize. The colors dont symbolize anything, a…

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