VioxxPaper instructions:The fo

VioxxPaper instructions:The following questions must be answered in the paper.#1) Begin the paper with identifying the process a pharmaceutical company must follow to seek drug approval before the FDA#2)Then tell about the FDA and internal procedures and clinical requirements for a drug to be approved when requested by a company.#3)What was the background for approval of Vioxx?#4) Was it fully considered by Merck and the FDA before approval?#5)How many independant studies were conducted about the drug after the FDA approval and what prompted them to be conducted?#6)Did thses studies shed bad light on the FDA approval process?#7)What did Merck do in response to these studies?#8) Why did Merck remove Vioxx?#9)What did the FDA do in monitoring Vioxx?#10) Did thr FDA take any action against Merck?Did Merck act ethically? What must a company do to inform the public about potential risks of a product?!

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