Virginia vs South Carolina

Virginia vs South CarolinaPaper instructions: The paper will follow this format. For each state include the following.? Introduction ? Provide an introductory paragraph describing the name of the state, capitol, region to which it belongs, entry into the union, and physical location within the nation.? Settlement ? Briefly discuss Native American which inhabited the state to include names of major groups, general living conditions, and methods of agriculture, hunting, or gathering. ? Briefly discuss European and later U.S. settlement of the state (include primary reason for settlement, early disputes, etc.).? Natural Resources ? Describe the natural resources within the state ? primary bedrock, physical features (mountains, deserts, etc.) water (names of major rivers, lakes, oceans) forest types, and major agricultural crops. ? Describe the impact of natural resources on the state?s economy (income from fishing, timber, mining, farming, etc.) ? Describe major threats from nature (average annual number of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfire, etc.) and economic impact.? Demographics ? List demographic data for each state including: population size, percent of population by major racial and ethnic group; mean family income; percent of population by religion (Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Jewish, Muslim, etc.); percent of Democrat, Republic and Independent voters (which party do their two Senators belong), percent of population by age.? Current Event ? Describe one major current event occurring in this state and the potential social, economic, or political impact on the state.? References ? All data will be verified using APA style reference of documentation.:

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