Virtualization Design and Implementation Guide for the SMB

Virtualization Design and Implementation Guide for the SMBThe purpose of this paper is to serve as a generic design and implementation guide for the SMB in getting started with server virtualization. This can be vendor neutral or reference well known vendor products/solutions (ie ? VMware, Microsoft, Citrix).The key areas of focus should include:-determining the scope of the project-creating a list of the current server workloads and mission critical services/servers-how to select virtual host design approach (ie ? HA, FT, clustered)-placement approach of summarized workloads on to hosts after P2V conversion-how to design storage solution for virtualization project based summarized workloads? how to design virtual network solution based? how to design a backup solutionAdditional problems being solved by the guide to include:? lack of documentation server consolidation/virtualization? how to plan and assess for server consolidation/virtualization? training of key IT personnel in project process

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