Vision and Mission Statement of a Venture

Vision and Mission Statement of a VentureIn this assignment, you will explore how the growth and the sustainability paradigm, respectively, could be expressed in the articulation of a venture?s missionand vision statement.Procedure1.Provide a summary overview of the key aspects of both the growth and sustainability paradigms.2.Choose one of the following companies to write a vision and mission statement for:?Debt Free Associates?Life Lock?Digital Divide DataYou might find it useful to do some additional research about the venture, rather than just relying on their website for information.3.Write two versions of the vision and mission statements:a.One version should express a primarily growth-oriented paradigm at its core.b.The other should express a sustainability paradigm.c.If one of the above companies has a mission and/or vision statement published, include them in your work. Your job will be to substantively critique each,providing your expert insight into which paradigm the company?s mission expresses to consumers.4.Add a reflection section.a.Comment on the process of writing the statements, and the insights you have gained from them.4.Format your paper using APA guidelines. The total length should not exceed five pages (including a title page and references).!

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