Wal-Mart: the Main Street Merchant of Doom

The Main Street Merchant of Doom Synopsis The case The Main Street Merchant of is a look at the origins of the company The case initially portrays Sam Walton as the to help small towns defeat the businesses that take advantage of the lack of purchasing guaranteed their prices would always to low and This was a new concept for the small so they welcomed the company with open The company was greatly successful and grew to an exponential opened thousands of stores across the country and even tapped into other countries By adopting a computer based inventory the company was able to cut overhead and limit employees needed to conduct inventories and track reigned as the largest retailer with billion in sales in which jumped to billion by This success did not come without The thrill of the new options soon wore The company was attacked my many all of which wished to keep the retailer out of their The opposition claimed the store took jobs away from its citizens and forced small businesses to chose to defend itself with campaigns such as the campaign which attempted to motivate more suppliers to make American products to sell in their

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