Walking down the hall I get a sense of disbelief

Walking down the hall I get a sense of disbelief. Is this really me and am I really here or is it a dream. I just transferred to a new school. Though it does not sound that bad, in actually reality it has been a total turn around. My old high school (Hancock High) was a small, all white, and in the county. Though the school (Patterson) I just entered is densely populated, majority black, and right in the middle of Baltimore city. Though both types of schools (county and city) are largely different they both have many advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of going to a city school is that you get a college feel. There are so many students and teachers that you get a head start on college. Also there is diversity at a city school. You get to meet all kinds of people and learn about their customs and beliefs. Another advantage of going to a city school is that you get to express your opinions more freely. Though there are going to be people who think different, there is always going to be someone on your side. Many of city schools advantages involve a person growing spiritual and mentally. Though at a county school kids are most likely to be smarter and be more prepared book wise. Also there is less violence than in a city school, so you feel a sense of security. Though I could go on and on about each type of school, I would rather not. In most cases a school has more disadvantages than advantages. The perfect school would be made up of ones ideas and would simply be all fun and less work. But a school does have its cons. Such as at a city school there is a lot of crime. Also the peer pressure is so hard to handle which is why most kids fall into the trap. I am not saying that county schools are perfect, but most county kids no when to say no and when it is enough. Going to a county school you get sheltered on some common and important aspects of life. Such as poverty, racial issues and crime which are s…

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