Was Napoleon the Child of the Revolution?

On August Napoleon the son of a poor Corsican noble was born and so began the legend of Napoleon Many ask to this Napoleon a child of the What Napoleon achieved and gave to the world after the French Revolution had been won truly gave the world a new sight of To first determine that Napoleon was in fact a child of the revolution you must first look at both sides of the You must first ask what one means by In the history of France there was not just one but a series of revolutions as the French struggled to create a new political and social system that would better France and make all of people united and equal under By the does one mean the revolution of Barnave or or maybe the revolution of or All of these men were men of the Revolution during this however all had conceptions that differed of what the Revolution was to be made The main idea of what most desired from the revolution was equality under some sort of centralized the elimination of the feudal as well as religious tolerance and career that were open to talent not At the age

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