Watch a (very fascinating) video presentation by Temple Grandin, entitled

Watch a (very fascinating) video presentation by Temple Grandin, entitled ?My Experiences with Autism?The presentation was sponsored by UC-Davis. Then I would like you simply to compose a short essay about what you learned about Autism through our readings and the video. Please feel free to include your own experiences with this disorder if you have had any. Some of the questions that you might focus upon in constructing your essay include the following (please remember that these are meant to guide you and are not mandatory):? What did you learn about Autism that you didn?t know before?? Did anything you learned or surprised you?? What symptoms or difficulties experienced by Autistic individuals stand out to you the most?? How do you think one?s life is affected by this disorder? How would other family members be affected?? What challenges do you think a person with Autism would face within a school setting?? What did you think of the strategies Dr. Grandin offered?? Did you notice any characteristics in Dr. Grandin that were consistent with people with disorders on the Autistic Spectrum? Did anything about her characteristics surprise you?? Did you find this video helpful in deepening your understanding of Autism? Why or why not?? Dr. Grandin mentioned that she thought that, in some ways, it might have been easier for her to grow up with Autism in the 1950s than it might be now. What did she mean by this? Do you agree with her point? Why or why not?!

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