water pollution in Globe AZ.

water pollution in Globe AZ.Order Descriptionsee attachmentPick a known (or lesser known ifyou dig something up) environmental problem. For examplewater pollution in Globe AZ.0 Discuss the problem ? for example0 The source ? a company? Government? Person(s)?o The extent ? of the problem? Of the damage? Potential damage?0 The known short term and long term effects of the environmental problem?0 Expectations or forecasts of ?unknown? damage?0 Discuss any govemmcnt intervention ? for example0 [low and why did government get involved?0 What govemment agency? Why this one?o If not direct government intervention, what, if any, litigation ensued?0 Who were the parties to this litigation? Why?0 What were the outcomes?Of government agency intervention?Of the litigation?0 If the government did not/has not intervened and if there has not been any litigationregarding the problem, discuss why?0 What has been the outcome of this lack of government intervention?0 Can it be argued that the market will take care of the problem? If so, how?I Through the company? Citizens? Customers?o If neither government nor the market resolves this problem, what are theforecasted outcomes?The Required Layout of your assignment0 Use at least FIVE sources for your assignment?s discussion; ATTACH a reference sheet to your homework.Your discussion cannot exceed 250 words; you must provide a word count in the bottom right hand corner.In the upper-right hand comer put your name and class periodon your assignment.

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