We Shall Be Free Authors: Lynsey Atkinson

We Shall Be Free Authors: Lynsey Atkinson: 457-81-3059, Section 54 Jason Atkinson: 627-14-8861, Section 42 Lanna Rose: 457-67-9803, Section 42 Josh Schenk: 463-87-7569, Section 34 We Shall Be Free African American Voices: The Life Cycle of Slavery, is an extremely detailed book about the trials and tribulations of many slaves. Slavery can be dated back as early as the fourteenth century. Slavery in ancient times was much like slavery in the New World. The biggest difference between old and new slavery, was that slavery in ancient times was not based on racial distinction. The Atlantic Slave Trade, trading between European slave traders and the Americas over the Atlantic Ocean, began taking place in 1502. Almost two million slaves died on this journey from Europe to the Americas. Disease and death came one with another on the seven-week journey. This book portrays many different stories about the lives of slaves and informs society about the many evils and injustices of slaves traders and slave owners. The slaves were treated as if they were animals ready to be sent out to perform hard and enduring labor. “.each of the others, which have passed as good, is marked on the breast , with a red-hot iron, imprinting the mark of the French, English, or Dutch companies”(Barbot,33). Slaves were callously branded as if they were the cattle of someone else fixing to be sent off to work and then sent to the slaughter house when the slave owners were through with them. However, the chances were not so high of a slave surviving the trip over to America. “Its cargo consisted of 505 African men and woman. Another 55 had been tossed overboard during the 17days at sea”(Mintz,47). The journey was brutal and harsh on the slaves because of the many things that they had to do to endure. Crowding the ships to their full capacity, the slave holders packed the ship with as many slaves as the ship cou…

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