We were at Wild Turkey Stadium, it was Senior

We were at Wild Turkey Stadium, it was Senior Night. The Eagles were ready to play, and fight with all their might. The night was chilly, there was tension in the air. The Saints were rather nervous, as they stepped into our lair. The crowd joins the team on the field, as Leigh yells Victory Line! Everyone is anxious, it is almost game time. There wasnt any doubt, in the minds of the team. Corey announced in the fieldhouse, he had had another dream. The Eagles won the coin toss, we decided to receive. The Saints kicked the football, Clint caught it with ease. He ran without stopping, focused on the zone. Justin blocked the powerful Saints, all on his own. The Eagles make a touchdown, and the kick is good. The fans all celebrate, just as they should. As halftime nears, the Saints are putting up a fight. They scored a touchdown, finally doing something right. Halftime is finally here, our Eagles take a break. The dance-team comes on the field, Lauren is dancing great. As the third quarter begins, Mandy starts a cheer. The cheerleaders are yelling loud for all the fans to hear. The third quarter is going good, when Brandon receives a pass. Now making a touchdown, doesnt seem that hard of a task. As the end neared, the Eagles are on top. But one good hit, would cause the ball to drop. The Saints take over, at our first and ten. But Bryan gives their quarterback, a devilish grin. He reads the play, and sacks their quarterback. The rest of the Eagles, now make their attack. The ball is loose, and falls to the ground. But, there are no Eagle defenders around Out of nowhere Jeffery dives, to recover the fumble. Pope jumps up and down, he is ready to rumble. As the final play, of the game begins. The Eagles knew, they needed a field goal to win. Corey knew it was his turn to shine tonight. …

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