Web Usability Analysis

Web Usability AnalysisWUA Web Site SelectionResourcesWebsite icon WUA Web Site Selection Scoring Guide.For your Web Usability Analysis project, you will write a paper analyzing a commercial Web site based on the concepts, theories, and principlesstudied in this course.The site can be a Fortune 500 commercial site. Certain non-profit or museum sites are acceptable, if the site meets the criteria below. The sitemust:Consist of at least 10 links or pages.Consist of a variety of topics or tasks. Single-topic sites are fine as long as they provide sufficient variety in content.Not be a search engine Choose strictly a portal site.Ebay, Amazon, Google, and Yahoo are not acceptable sites.Sites such as Barnes and Noble are too large for the Web Usability Analysis project.Museum sites, real estate sites, or vacation sites are generally good choices.Complete the following:In a separate document, describe the Web site you plan to use for your Web Usability Analysis project.Briefly describe the organization and the purpose of the site. Is it an e-commerce site or a museum site? What kind of site is it?Briefly describe where the ten or more content pages or links are located within the site.Briefly describe the variety of content that the site provides.Your instructor will evaluate the site to ensure there is enough structure, content, and usability issues for you to meet the project requirements.Your instructor will communicate approval of your site choice.Optional: Contact your instructor if you are having problems. What problems, if any, are you encountering in finding the information you need? Howcan the instructor be of assistance?

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