What are the health benefits of physical activity in type 1 diabetes mellitus?

Beginning to do a Systematic Review1 Develop your research question;Formulate evidence analysis questions based on priority topic areas using the PICOS formatP = Define the population being studied ( e.g. Young, old male, female, White, Black, Brown, Americans, Africans, West Africa, developing countries, Asian Countries, Middle Eastern countries etc.)I = Intervention//Exposure. (What is the intervention being studied)C = Comparators. What specific kind of foods or nutrients, intake levels, dietary patterns etc. will be compared to the intervention of interest)O = Outcomes (Health outcomes/clinical disease (can be divided into Intermediate biomarkers or actual disease e.g. high LDL or CVD See examples of PICO charts Slides 5 (Sodium) and Slides 6 (Dietary patterns)2 What is your question? My research question ?Can nutritional supplements and micro-nutrient help to improve kwashiorkor in children in Malawi??This is not a well-defined question because:a It is too restrictive to a country and many studies will be excludedb Kwashiorkor occurs in many other countries/regions in the world. Asking the question only for Malawi means you cannot apply the findings to any other country or region.c If you were asked to buy a bottle of ?nutritional supplement? or ?micronutrient?, what will you buy? The question is not specific in that the terms you are using is too broad. You can define the terms in your question by being specific.d Ask and list 3 to 4 questions and select one. You can also ask more than one question based on the above terms used. Sub questions also can be helpful to address the review completely.3 Determine your Inclusion/Exclusion criteria (example) studies must include supplements taken with food, not as medicine, study must come from countries of low development index, only does conducted in children, children must not be taking medication or been diagnosed with any other disease, studies must be published between 1970 to 2014, no cross-sectional studies, no small case studies etc.Include other systematic reviews, Randomized control trials, Meta-analysis (RCT), nonrandomized control Trials.4 Set up your PubMed search parameters and conduct your search and save in your account. Email the search to yourself and to me.5 For our next meeting copies of items 1 ? 4 except the search results which you should email to me.If you have problems with terminologies, look it up in your dictionary, Google, biostatistics books etc.Let me know if you still have questions..

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