What are the implications of the beheading of Charles

In 10 pages, doubled spaced using Chicago formatting you are to write an academic research proposal on the following thesis: What are the implications of the beheading of Charles I? (look at how this goes against Divine Right/Great Chain of Being as he was the first King to be beheaded for committing treason)You must follow the PROPER formatting of writing a research proposal.1. 1. Begin with an overview of your specific topic and why you selected this area.2. 2. Then move into a discussion of your argument/thesis. You MUST explain your thesis and argument carefully and concisely. (this section should be no less than 2 pages)3. 3. The bulk of your proposal will be a discussion of your sources/evidence. Specifically, explain the documents you will be using to support your argument and how? Remember that while secondary sources are important, the strongest arguments are based on primary sources. You should also consider which of the other sources might possibly refute your thesis and how you will address such conflict. (this section should be no less then 5 pages).4. 4. Next, you will need to consider how your argument/thesis has already been considered by historians. Who are these historians, when did they write, and what is their conclusion? How does your thesis differ from theirs if at all? This is portion where you conduct the literature review (this section should be no less than 3 pages)When you quote or use information that is not your own, YOU MUST CITE Citations are to be done in Chicago formatting. You MUST find 6 primary sources and minimum of four secondary sources!

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