What Factors Affect Am and Fm Radio Reception?

What Factors Affect AM And FM Radio Background Information Communications are carried by One type of communication is AM and FM AM and FM use radio A radio wave is an electromagnetic wave propagated by an antenna at various In AM radio the audio signal changes the amplitude of the carrier In FM radio the audio signal changes the frequency of the carrier broadcast bandwidth for AM radio is KHz and for FM radio it is AM radio waves can be affected by electrical interference as household and devices oscillating in the same frequency FM radio waves subject to electrical interference but are affected by devices oscillating in the same frequency Aim To test if a a microwave oven in a mobile phone making a phone a TV remote water surrounding the a an incandescent light a fluorescent light bulb causes interference with AM and FM radio Hypothesis I think that a TV will affect AM but not FM because will give off electrical pulses which will interfere with AM but not I think that a microwave oven being used next to a radio will affect AM and FM radio because microwave ovens are believed to give off a little

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