What is the most effective way to connect to a MYSQL database?

Paper details? Research upon different types of database connection libraries. ? Investigate on different types of encryption algorithm. ? Benchmark the response time while connecting directly and whilst using a bridge such as PHP and compare them. ? Get a better understanding on the Java, PHP and MYSQL syntax. ? Research into different methods of connecting to a database. ? Get a general concept of a client management system. ? Grasp a better understand of a MYSQL database structure. ? Research into the different methods of connecting to a database. ? Create a database design.The project handbook has everything which is required to complete the dissertation. Please mainly focus on the Final Report section as that is what this is. Please try and follow all the guidelines set out to complete the report which should be based off my project proposal which has also been added in. The harvard referencing for our universty is abit weird so please read the file which has been uploaded explaining everything. All references must be scholar so please use links from places such as google scolar. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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