WHAT??? ITS DUE WHEN??? A Summary and Analysis of Self-Regulation and Procrastination and related works by Shawn Grundy Psychology 111 – 003 March 17, 1998 Part I – Summary of Article Procrastination is a problem for just about anyone that you happen upon these days. It seems just a common problem, but it can also lead to certain problems in regulation. Procrastination is the avoidance of performing a particular activity (academic or not) even though its known that it should be done. One such example would be a term paper which a person was given a substantial amount of time to do, yet left it to be done within the last two days before the due date. One definition of procrastination was given as the act of needlessly delaying tasks to the point of experiencing subjective discomfort (Solomon and Rothblum, 1984). Various studies have been done and its shown that procrastination is a problem that is more apparent in the academic realm (Ellis and Knaus, 1977). Just as a point of interest, procrastination is more common for term papers than for other tasks, such as studying or assignments. It has been shown that procrastination (academic) can be assessed with simple self-report questionnaires. Some such questionnaires have yielded such information as the negative impact of procrastination on school performance. To the things which people attribute their procrastination? The reasons for these vary. Some claim that they are merely lazy, undisciplined or simply unorganized. Upon studying procrastination further, its been found that is it actually a way of displaying internal conflict and protecting a vulnerable sense of self esteem (Burka and Yuen). During a series of experiments, its been shown that students who procrastinate generally score higher on anxiety and depression tests, while much lower on self-esteem tests. In 1991, Deci…

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