What Makes a Great Early Childhood Program

What Makes a Great Early Childhood Program By Juetta Potter A great Early Childhood program for preschoolers and school age children would be a program that participates in STARS for KIDS NOW This is a one to four star rating system that recognizes centers that go and what licensing and regulations This outstanding Early Childhood program would employ only individuals who follow the NAEYC standards for Early Childhood which child development and family and community documenting and assessing to support young children and developmentally effective approaches to connect with content knowledge to build meaningful promoting high personal continually expanding his or skills and knowledge to successfully teach all Every child and parent would be welcome in this program that would use developmentally and culturally responsive taking into account all cultural and ethnic backgrounds and Antibias curriculum would be used to help teach children about the problems of prejudice and provides them with the attitude and skills to fight Every child and every parent who walked through the door of this program would feel important and know that their feelings and ideas really Parents would leave their child with the comfort of knowing that nutrition and developmentally appropriate practice was top

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