What would happen if you were caught with a bag

What would happen if you were caught with a bag of pot at school?? What about a gun?? Now what do you think would happen if you were caught giving thanks for your food in the school cafeteria, or reading your Bible in your spare time?? Since 1962 the Supreme Court has prohibited prayer, bible reading, a moment of silence, and even posting the Ten Commandments on a school bulletin board. In Jackson, Miss., a principal was fired for allowing students to read a prayer over the intercom. In Missouri, a student got detention for praying over his lunch. A second-grader in New York was told the storybook she brought to share with her class was inappropriate because it contained the dreaded G-word. In 1991, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a death sentence because the prosecutor quoted Leviticus to the jury. James Traficant, State Representative of Ohio, stated A Congress that allows God to be banned from our schools while our schools can teach about cults, Hitler and even devil worship is wrong, out of touch, and needs some common sense. Although the examples Ive told you about are true, prayer in a sense is allowed in public school systems- on school busses, at the flag-pole, and in student religious clubs. However, it is not normally permitted in the classroom itself when a class is in session. Why can we teach Atheism, the belief that God does not exist, and the well known evolution theory of Charles Darwin that says that man originated from apes but not speak of Jesus Christ, the one so many of us believe in. This would violate the principle of church-state separation, which is defined by court interpretations of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This requires that public school teachers, principals, and boards are religiously neutral. They may not promote a particular religion as being superior to any other, or even promote religion in general as being superior. I feel that this is saying o…

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