When I was told that I had to pick a topic tha

When I was told that I had to pick a topic that was related to science I knew that I was going to write about hurricanes. I have had this fascination with this a monstrous turbulence since I can remember. The definition for hurricane is a disturbance that forms over warm water and has sustaining winds that exceed over 74mph. My report will give you a brief summary of what a hurricane is and how todays technology is helping with the prediction of hurricanes. Youre probably sitting there wondering, What is there to know about a hurricane? Its just another wonder of Gods. Well, I think this report will change your state of mind and opinion of what exactly is a hurricane. Since 1944, the United States Navy (USN) and the United States Air Force (USAF) have been flying consecutive missions into the eye of the hurricane to help warn civilians as well as military personnel of approaching typhoons and hurricanes. During the late 1940s and early 1950s scientist Dr. Robert H. Simpson , had used these missions to take scientific measurements of hurricanes. but it wasnt until 1954, when Hurricane Carol, Edna and Hazel (Hurricane Hazel went right over Washington D.C.) that policymakers took the hurricane threat seriously enough to finance such research. Congress in 1955 authorized the funding to United States Weather Bureau (USWB) to create the National Hurricane Research Project (NHRP) which was to conduct research into hurricanes in hopes of improving scientific understanding of them, which in turn would improve forecasting and predictions of landfall. Dr. Simpson was appointed Director of the twenty-two person project and in one year he had operational headquarters set up at an airplane wing located West Palm Beach, Florida Airport. USAF# loaned three aircrafts. On August 13,1956 the first NHRP# flight was made into Hurricane Betsy off …

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