While reading this case I couldnt believe how si

While reading this case I couldnt believe how similar Craigs problem was to my own from couple years ago. I tried to recall all the facts from my own experience and compare them to Craigs. Even though I never had a steady job and I worked only couple of summers, I am pretty sure that many people had experience like this at one point in their careers. Every person in the world is different, and I believe that each person would behave differently in this case. To be fair maybe the outcome would be the same in some instances, but the decision process would be unique to every individual. This is where ethics come into the play, according to this term everyone should act the same in any given situation. Craig is facing very serious decision, just like in Shakespeares Hamlet to be or not to be? He is to choose between his physical well being and his conscience. According to Hobbes, in humans nature is to be egoist, and one should always look out for ones best interest, in this case keep the job and graduate from college. On the other side there are many stakeholders depending on the decision he will make, and according to the definition of ethics, it is not about me, it is about others. Clearly, consistently with the definition Craig is not facing a dilemma but a definite choice to speak out for himself and the customers that are depending on his decision. Craig must not sign the evaluation sheet and must do the only right and ethical thing. He must take this issue to the top management and complain about the wrongfulness of the previous actions of his superiors. If he is threatened with his tuition reimbursement and even if his job is on the line, he must proceed with his intentions and go to the authorities that are responsible for such cases. Craigs duties and obligations in this case are numerous. According to the text, there are seven basic duties for good and bad conduct. One must keep explicit and…

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