Who are the best regulators?

Who are the best regulators? Who are the best regulators???http://www.usnews.com/opinion/economic-intelligence/2014/05/12/many-regulations-stifle-entrepreneurs-and-small-businesses 1. You must post twice per article, once in response to the article and once in response to what some other student or the instructor has posted. 2. Your posts must be on the discussion board. Do not e-mail them to the instructor. 3. You must post your posts prior to the unit deadline. 4. Each post should be a minimum of three complete sentences long. 5. It must be obvious from what you post that you did read/watch the article/clip. 6. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required. Don?t be sloppy. THIS IS SOMEONE POSTEDAntony Davies article describes the fact that due to regulation many entrepreneurs never start due to government regulation. Government regulations incentivizes the dream of starting by mearly putting up laws and regulations. Many of these laws are incorporated to protect the consumer. We enact these laws due to incidence in the past that have detrimental effects. The effects usually hammer a company, but the company usually uses this nail to defend themselves in the future from competition. It helps those coming later from making the same mistakes as the original company. But it does become an obstacle for those companies trying to get a market share.So enacting these laws protect consumers. But it is true that if a customer is wronged they would stop using that business. Either way it gets regulated. I love his insights that if a company does poorly in the sight of the customer, that customer we?ll never return. Actually they will tell at least 4 other people on average about the problem. Slowly causing the business to shutdown. So instead of government sanctioning the business the people do it. This causes a turnover of business and allows the Entrepreneurial spirit.Is this Turnover Good? Would thousands of dollars be spent and taken in those startups? would it be profitable if everyone could enter the market?Or would it be better to keep people from possibly making a mistake and losing everything? Does regulation incentives successful upkeep of a business? Does this protect the Aspiring entrepreneur from taking a risk they shouldn?t take? :

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