Why I feel I should be awarded a scholarship?

Why I feel I should be awarded a I feel I should receive this scholarship award because I am a worthy recipient who will not take this opportunity for This scholarship will help me to get my degree in Early Childhood By earning this I will then be able to one day own my own I would love the chance to work in the field of Early Childhood Development because it will allow me to challenge and enhance their Just the idea of knowing that I can help make a difference in a education would be a noticed during my enrollment for the fall semester that am probably one of the oldest In a way I feel that it gives me a little advantage due to having more time to experience others and the world I have set forth my goals in life which makes me now more determined and motivated to take this opportunity given to me to learn all there is and succeed in reaching my this truly is a quality I need to have to be successful in all I willing to apply myself and never give up because I am worthy of this I know by

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