Willamette River Diagram

Willamette River DiagramPaper instructions:[approximately a few sentences or paragraph] Create a situation statement from the Willamette River Diagram that was provided in the lecture material during week1. This one may be a few sentences (2-3) or more (5-6) depending on what you view is the issue and the context you are providing. You are welcome to conduct a littleresearch on the issue if you like, but it is not mandatory. Be specific in your statement about the problem (not the goal or target, but the problem or situation).Next ? please consider 3 targets for your situation statement. Targets are statements about what you want to fix (not the how). For example: Reduce the amount ofpollution in the Willamette River; or, Limit all uses of the Willamette River by the year 2015 by 25% to reduce pollution; No motorized boating will be allowed on theWillamette River after the year 2014 ? these are just examples. Be creative with this.2. [approximately 1 page total] In the reading listed as Making Collaboration Work Chapter 3 (the actual chapter title is Challenges of Collaboration) ? fromweek 1: a. Briefly summarize the institutional and/or structural barriers to effective collaboration (do not merely list the headings).Describe an example from your own life that fits one of these barriers. b. Briefly summarize the barriers due to attitudes and perceptions (do not merely list the headings). Describe an example from your ownlife that fits one of these barriers. c. What are some suggestions for overcoming barriers?3 [approximately 1 page total.] From the readings ?Practical? readings for week one: a. Briefly describe two examples from your own life that fit with the 10 stumbling blocks identified in Dealing with Stumbling Blocks. b. Summarize the role of ?listener? from Effective Communication c. Summarize the role of ?facilitator? form making Meetings work.4 Lastly: Briefly summarize the video, Miracle at Bridge Creek. Using course material (e.g., lecture and readings), describe the situation and how theywere able to work through to consensus. Don?t write a novel here ? just do what you need to get the job done.:

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