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William Shakespeare William Shakespeare On April 26, 1564, John Shakespeares son, William, was baptized at the Stratford Parish Church. No one knows for certain when his birthday was. (Brown 22) It was thought that young Shakespeare began attending school at the age 7, in Stratford. (Wadsworth 344) Before Shakespeare reached the age of 13, his family endured hardships. Shakespeares formal schooling ceased. At that time, William may have begun helping his father in the gloving business. (Wright 22) There is historical warrant for such an approach. Christian images, of course, pervade Shakespeares culture, throughout his career he obviously thought in terms of them. If those images are themselves frequently allegorical, and we should consider the extent to which the allegories are incorporated into the living texture of Shakespeares creations. (Kirch 18) At a young age Shakespeare may have viewed annual plays and seen traveling artists. These performances possibly ignited a spark that continues to burn. (Wright 20) William Shakespeare was an Englishman who wrote poems and plays. According to many he was labeled as one of the greatest dramatists the world has ever known and the finest poets who wrote in the English language. Shakespeares work relied mostly on his instincts of nature. His understanding of other people allowed him to fully grasp the quality he wrote of. (Wadsworth 342) John Shakespeare married Mary Arden in 1557. Both the Shakespeares and the Ardens were farmers, and sold their products to make a living. (Brown 23) Shakespeare had two sisters. Joan died in 1562; Margaret died at infancy. Then in 1566 Gilbert was born. In 1569 a second child named Joan was born; in 1571 came Anne, who died when she was eight years old. Richard was then born in 1574 followed by Edmund in 1580. (25) William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18. Anne was at least 8 years her husbands s…

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