Wireless charging of mobiles using microwaves

WIRELESS CHARGING OF MOBILE USING MICROWAVES In modern mobile phones have become a basic need for people all over the The charging of mobile phone has become an arduous It is a hectic task to carry everywhere the charger of mobile phones or any electronic gadget while travelling or it is very cruel when your mobile phone getting off by the time you urgently need It is the major problem in electronic Though the world is leading with the developments in but this technology is still incomplete because of certain world requires the complete technology and this purpose is solved using a technique called Charging of Mobile Phones Using INTRODUCTION BASIC The technique mentioned has two basic They spectrum region ELECTROMAGNETIC When white light is shone through a prism it is separated out into all the colors of the rainbow this is called the visible According to some physicians light consists of tiny particles called Photons are bundle of The speed of light is about meters per second as light hit something that means it may be bounce go right through or get If they bounce off something and then go into your eye you will see the thing they

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