wireless models

wireless modelsLearning ObjectivesIn this lab, you will analyze the basic information of how wireless networks function to make recommendations for the implementation of wireless networks in the highway rest stops. When you have completed this lab, you?ll be able to? Recommend wireless technology based on application ? Design appropriate wireless models based on usage ? Devise a plan to implement wireless connectivity in highway rest stopsLab Materials and SetupThe only materials required for this lab are a pencil and some paper.InstructionsThe various rest stops along the most traveled highways have facilities that are fairly standard in size and the number of travelers they support per hour. There is usually one building with a number of restaurants and fast-food eateries around the edges of the space with a large common area in the center with tables and chairs. Most of the common areas are wide open with a minimum of obstacles, but they can span hundreds of feet from wall to wall. The general goals for each rest stop are as follows:? The network should be able to support from 20 to 60 devices at one time. ? The network must be secure against unauthorized wireless access, but allow authorized visitors to join with minimal configuration. ? The network should use industry-standard technology that is widely available.Task 1: Explain the basic hardware and software required to implement wireless networking.Task 2: Explain the differences between ad hoc and infrastructure modes.Task 3: Describe at least two methods to implement security on wireless networks. For a public wireless solution, name two security methods that are not practical.Task 4: Given the typical size of the rest stops, a standard single wireless access point probably won?t provide enough range to cover the entire space. How can you increase the wireless coverage area?Task 5: Based on the goals listed for the rest stops, describe the wireless networking solution you plan to implement.Task 6: Explain how you will connect the wireless network nodes to the existing 1000BaseT network and ultimately the Internet.4. External validity:

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