Within our generation music has become an essent

Within our generation music has become an essential part of our daily lives. Established favorites ranging from 2PAC to Pearl Jam have touched the lives of many. But today we walk through the record stores seeing more and more new faces among the top ten artists. A wave of boy bands and blondes with beautiful faces are rising out of the woodwork and selling more albums than many established artists of the past. Their faces and voices flood our minds through the television and the radio as many become just as successful as the campaigns that promote then. Today advertising and MTV are working with the music industry to help launch new bands and artists to heights never imagined. MTVs Total Request Live and the proper public exposure are proving to be two of the key components in the success of selling a record. With the help of the internet, information from interviews with Carson Daly, and Rolling Stone magazine, I have gathered the information which seems to make todays pop stars instant hits. Within the past two years Carson Daly and Total Request Live have rebuilt the pop charts. According to the TRL web site, Carson was once a college student pondering playing the amateur golf circuit and now finds himself the head man of the powerful TRL. TRL attracts fans from around the world and has become the undisputed center of the pop world. By simply playing its viewers requests, the show has become a hit for MTV. It has made unknowns from Brtiney Spears to Kid Rock into stars and is the engine that drives the pop charts. According to the February issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, TRL is now the highest-rated show in its time period among all cable programs, the highest rated MTV daily show, and essential viewing for many. Its impact on the youth has been immense. Everyday at 3:30 TRL reveals the results of its daily poll to thousands. It airs just as kids are returning from school and targets an audience…

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