Would You Recommend a Friend to Our Hospital

Running WOULD YOU RECOMMEND A FRIEND TO OUR 1 David Dowling Operations Management I Southwestern College 20 January 2011 Week 3 The Culture Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital Running WOULD YOU RECOMMENT A FRIEND TO OUR 2 Abstract In this paper I will demonstrate the importance of instilling a culture of quality in employees and why essential to establish a concise mission code of procedures and processes that employees can utilize in order to carry out the hospitals philosophy and I will also show what systems and processes I would set up in a new hospital to achieve a culture of quality in a The paper will also show some of the processes that the Arnold Palmer Hospital in Florida uses to achieve such a high success rate in customer The bottom line of this paper is that easy to claim or make the statement that a hospital provides a quality another thing to Learned and established techniques from this text will help an operations manager achieve the desired goal for establishing an environment of excellence and Running WOULD YOU RECOMMEND A FRIEND TO OUR 3 INTRODUCTION My Name is Dave Dowling and I am a new employee at the

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