write a paper on the topic Gender roles and Disney

? Opportunity for you to investigate a social topic in relation to gender of interest to you, in which gender roles and norms, stereotyping, and/or sexism/racism have contributed directly to problems for individuals.? You will need to discuss social contributors (for ex. How does lack of sex education or media contribute to the prevalence of teen pregnancy?). Finally, state any solution or institutional changes you recommend to help or correct the problem (Education, services, implementing legislation etc).? You will investigate the problem, the reasons for the problem, and provide solutions.? There must be gender-related implications. (That is, you are not just doing a paper on teen pregnancy, for example, but what the specific issues are for males and females in relation to teen pregnancy.)you MUST include these sources 1) Mamas. Don?t let your girl grow up to be professors by J swenson 2) talk in the relationship: His and Hers by Deborah Tannen from that?s not what i meant 3) the media as an aganet of genre development from gender development:

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