Writing Assignment: CD-ROM reaction paper *Cha

Writing Assignment: CD-ROM reaction paper *Chartes Cathedral *Inca ruins *Venice *Egyptian pyramids *The Great Wall of China Egyptian Pyramids Initially, prehistoric graves were simple burials covered with a mound of sand or stones and wind blew the sand away, creating a need for a more secure burials (CD-ROM Egyptian Pyramids). Imagine the what ifs? What if there were no scavengers capable of digging through sand and stone? What if the people who buried their dead accepted the scavenging as a part of nature, a part of life? Would the great pyramids of Egypt be envisioned, much less built? The pyramids amaze me. I know this sounds like Im sucking up to get a good grade, but just looking at the pyramids and spynhx, not to mention the fortresses and buildings gives me a funny feeling. Ive only seen pictures, but the ones that really take my breath away are the ones that show by comparison just how massive these structures are. I have a hard enough time building a sandcastle, and thats with modern technology. It is scary to think that a civilization c.2700B.C. could build such wonders without even electricity. From the CD-ROMs, I also gathered that it is not sure whether they had the knowledge of ramps and levers either. So what I do is try to imagine what the ancient Egyptians could do now, if we could bring them to this century, to see what they could do with our technology. Would they continue to ensure their pharaohs after-life in the stars? Or would they become like us, lazy because everything is too easy. Technology has made our lives much more comfortable, such as heating or cooling our houses, travelling, and entertainment. So, you would think that with our advances, we should have gone fur…

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